Version 9.5.3
  • IMPR: Additional Nougat enhancements.
  • IMPR: General Preferences are now synced to each server instance, allowing you to have independent settings per server.
  • FIX: Resolved stability issues that were introduced in v9.5.2.
Let me know what you think of this release! =)
Thanks Kev.

What do you mean by "General Preferences are now synced to each server instance" please?
It refers to having multiple servers, or profiles, in nzb360. General Preferences were not synced between each profile, causing some issues. Now they are saved independently per profile to resolve some bugs.
OK, that makes sense. Thanks.
Hi Kev,

Appreciate your efforts but unfortunately I'm still getting a crash when trying to browse some categories.

Any ideas?
Which categories on which indexer?
Misc and Books - on my own NN Indexer. Not getting any logs on Apache to indicate it is even hitting that instance.

Catlog doesn't seem to point anything out either unless one of those is any use to you?

Works fine on my Tablet though.
A catlog would be great.
OK done a catlog, first tried going into books and it crashed, reopened the app and went into misc and it crashed and then finally reopened into TV - HD and that worked fine. Hopefully this will identify something for you.

Can't upload on here so best email it, what is your email?