Version 9.5.2
  • IMPR: Preliminary support for Nougat.
  • IMPR: HTTP Authentication details in IP/Host Addresses are now masked in settings.
  • IMPR: Updated altHUB's default API url as the old url is being deprecated. If you're already using altHUB, please change your IP/Host address to api.althub.co.za
  • FIX: Fixed a crash when trying to add a new show in SickBeard.
Let me know what you think of this release! =)
Getting a lot of crashes in 'search' with this version. Sorting, adding.. Yeah u need more info :s
Really? Anyone else experiencing this?
Same here, also crashes when clicking check for update button.
Yes unfortunately I get a crash as soon as i click Books or Misc category on my personal Newznab server.

I've looked at my Apache logs and it appears that the device doesn't even hit the web server at that point in time.
I can't reproduce. I can browse, search, filter and sort all categories without problems. My indexer is dognzb. The app does seem to close when updating server info though.
Weird, all seems to be working again now, not 100% sure what I did to resolve the issue...
Unfortunately it still isn't working right for me, most search categories cause it to crash, send to sab causes it to crash.

However my Tablet works absolutely fine, I've even used Titanium Backup and moved the backup over from my Tablet to my phone and it made no difference, even a fresh install of the app didn't work.

I took a logcat and had a skim through it and cannot see anything that stands out as to why this is happening.