Version 9.5
  • NEW: nzb360 now supports Marshmallow's native app data backup feature. Restoring nzb360 to a new phone should now auto restore your data and settings.
  • NEW: New Snackbar (Material Design spec) notifications.
  • IMPR: A Snackbar will now appear prompting you to switch the startup service if you are not using SABnzbd, but still are starting up to that service.
  • IMPR: Updated various libraries to latest versions for improved reliability and performance.
  • FIX: Fixed all issues with Sonarr when using SSL.
  • FIX: Fixed several UI issues with regards to notifications.
  • FIX: Added storage permission checks when attempting to upload nzbs within NZBget and SABnzbd.
Let me know what you think of this release! =)
Thanks Kev.
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Since the update, each time I add a new TV series to Sonarr, NZB 360 stops.

What logs can I send in?
CBers wrote:Since the update, each time I add a new TV series to Sonarr, NZB 360 stops.

What logs can I send in?
Having the same issue here.
Just pushed out a ninja update that should fix the crashing. Can you guys confirm the fix?
Two things, first is in Couchpotato, when I search for releases for a wanted movie and click on one of the results, nzb360 crashes instead of opening the site like it used to.

The other issue I'm seeing is it asking me to upgrade again and again each time I open the app. Reinstalling doesn't seem to make a difference.
I am pushing out builds that aren't increasing in version to respond to some of the crashes. Though, it appears I've squashed most of them now. If you pull down the latest update, does it ask you to update again?
Just updated and the problem I reported earlier is fixed.

Thanks Kev.
Hi. Might be an issue on my end. But if I go to the sick beard part of nzb360 and select any show it won't list any seasons or episodes.
[Edit]: Was an issue on my end. A restart and re inputting the user credentials fixed.

If you get the time you might want to put a better error message on the event. Swiping to other tabs in Sickbeard showed the "Not connected to Sickbeard" warning. On the main Shows tab nothing looked wrong. If you selected a show to go into and see the seasons it came up empty with a red warning "This show does not appear to have any seasons". Would be better to show not connected to Sickbeard in this case IMO.

But its a minor point. Thanks for a great app.
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