Version 9.4.2
  • IMPR: NZBget progress bar now updates for post-processing activities.
  • FIX: Fixed issue with latest SABnzbd beta where duplicate nzbs were added from Search. Please clear your offline queue, available from within the nzb360 menu.
  • FIX: Fixed issue with parsing the rating of movies within CouchPotato.
  • FIX: NZBget Total Download count size is now accurate.
  • NOTE: I apologize for the lack of updates lately. Been very busy. I appreciate everyone's continued support! Hopefully should have more time in the near future to keep nzb360 updated with the latest features and enhancements.
Let me know what you think of this release! =)
Couchpotato back up and running, legend.
Good to hear! Thanks for the confirmation :)
Great to see the occasional update still :) But 360 is already very polished and usable.