Good to hear you will be working on it again!

I switched over to iOS, for a tablet at least, and hoping NZB 360 comes to iOS. If not no big deal.
Kev wrote:I haven't been, no. Been super busy with work. But I will be soon. I think I have solved the payment issue, and will be implementing the solution shortly, and will get back on track with feature development and bug fixes.

Stay tuned!
Badass. Can't wait for some updates. And I don't mind repaying for pro to help out
Hey Kev,

I've seen some app's on the Google Play store that have their app free, and a separate license 'app' that costs $. If the person buys/installs that license app their free app turns into a pro version. Perhaps you could implement something like that, and only host the license on Google Play store. In the description can be a link to this site for the app download.

Of course, you'd probably need to make sure the license app posted on Google Play doesn't have the work NZB in it.
Yeah, I am working on a solution, just haven't had much time to actually get it done. So much stuff happening right now, but I plan to use the holidays as nzb360 time! =)