Hey guys, the material design update (v9.0) is coming along really nicely. There are some minor things to still finish up, but with so much of nzb360 re-written, I would like to run a very small beta test to make sure certain scenarios work well and everything works as designed.

This will be a very small beta, aimed to test certain scenarios which are outlined below. Participants must be willing to share their remote connection details with me for debugging purposes (to guarantee things work).

Scenario 1
A setup that has Sonarr behind SSL.

Scenario 2
A setup that has Sonarr behind HTTP Auth.

Scenario 3.
Someone running v4.0.x of Android.

Scenario 4
Someone with more than 1,000 movies in CP.

Scenario 5
Someone with more than 500 TV shows in Sonarr

If you qualify for any of these scenarios, and are willing to share your remote connection details, please post in this thread indicating which scenario you qualify for. I will contact you on a first-come-first-serve basis.

Note, the real v9.0 release is only days away, as long as this goes well. So don't feel the need to join this beta to try and get early access. It's a quick test before the real release!

Scenario 2 - I use a username/password for all of my services.

Scenario 3 - I have a tablet still running Android 4.4.2.
Cbers, I need someone running 4.0.x, in other words, ICS.
Scenario 2. Username and password for all traffic.