Thank you for the patience while I was dealing with my flooded basement. This should fix most issues with CP and NzbDrone.

Version 8.5.1
  • NEW: A new visual layout "Banners Only" has been added to Sick Beard and NzbDrone for those who prefer to see just the banners without the title/network overlay.
  • IMPR: You can now set/edit the series type (Standard, Daily, Anime) in NzbDrone.
  • IMPR: "Standard" and "Poster" visual layouts added to NzbDrone.
  • FIX: Fixed errors in NzbDrone when trying to add and edit a series.
  • FIX: Fixed an issue with parsing CouchPotato movies with malformed release dates.
Let me know what you think of this release! =)
Adding TV series is working again, thanks Kev.

Like the new layouts for TV shows, although I'm torn between posters or banners.
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Thanks for alerting me of the issue =)
Couch potato runs like a dream for me now, works great. Previous version didn't so great fix, thank you
CP runs fine now. Headphones however is still stuck at the refreshing message.