and here's the screenshot of the overlapping text in case I wasn't clear.
I'll have you know I was able to make that shot in 1 try..... :p


PS: is image upload disabled in Announcements ?
Kev wrote:Does this happen 100% of the time?
Well no, mostly when switching from Manage to something else, then back to Manage and start scrolling.
Image uploads re-enabled in Announcements. Not sure why it was disabled, actually.

Any chance you could PM me your CP details? I cannot get this to repro on my instance.

I am heading out for vacation for a week, so if I cannot fix this today, it will be a week before I can get back to it =(
I don't have any remote access enabled aside from VPN (cert). I could open a port, but we can do that after your vacation. I'm not in a rush and you shouldn't consider this high priority at all (unless others are experiencing this too).
Thanks for the update Kev.
CBers wrote:Thanks for the update Kev.
Is the case sorting working correctly for you now?
Don't know, as I can't add TV shows still ;)

Yes, it all sorts nicely now, thanks.
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lol, that is still happening?
Yes, still happens. I saw your request for access to my NzbDrone on the other thread. Perhaps we can sort that out when you return from your holiday?

Sorting working perfectly thanks.
CP crash has been fixed, as well as some small items. Will release a stealth update in about 20m. (Stealth meaning the version number won't change).