Version 8.4.2
  • NOTE: Due to a bug in the cloud backups, previous cloud backups are most likely corrupt. This has been fixed. Please re-backup your settings.
I'm on 8.3.1and got an update. But install button not working. Can only click cancel.

Any ideas what this could be?
Scroll to the bottom ;)
Somehow it works now. There was not much to scroll there. but thnx :)
Hi Kev.

With regards to my "error: invalid double" message in the 8.4.1 thread (which is lockef), I just deleted all of my wanted movies and I don't get the message anymore.

I'll start re-adding movies and see if it starts happening again.

I did that a while back for other reasons and I noticed CP snatched some movies even, and put more in the Soon list. Goes to figure how CP sucks sometimes.
It was a good exercise, as I cleared out a load of naff movies.
I just restarted and it snatched a false version on Transcendence and it can't seem to find the 720 Bluray of Noah even though it's clearly available on the indexer.... Damn CP
LOL how many indexers do you use?
I'm getting an issue with obtaining qualities when adding a movie, but if I select the movie again, the qualities are returned. It's most like there's a lag somewhere.