Version 8.4.1
  • FIX: Fixed cloud backup crash with no defined indexers.
  • FIX: NZBget now works correctly behind reverse proxies with SSL.
  • FIX: CouchPotato history will now appear correctly.
  • FIX: CouchPotato manage tab will now show the correct titles.
  • FIX: Stability improvements in CouchPotato.
  • FIX: Fixed IMDb sharing to CouchPotato with no categories set.
Let me know what you think of this release! =)
Since updating I can no longer connect to my NZBGet server.
I can create cloud backups but I can no longer connect to nzbget. Nzbget log shows invalid password or user name.
I just pushed a quick update (still v8.4.1) that should fix the NZBget issues. Please update and verify.
I can now connect nzbget, thanks for the quick fix.
Awesome. Sorry about that. Glad we caught it early.
I spoke too quickly about cloud backups. Backups are created and uploaded but the file size is zero. Happening with both drive and dropbox.
Zero size backups are also happening when saved locally to the device.
Hmm, I will take a look. I am assuming you have no indexers created? If not, can you add dummy ones and see if that fixes it?