With the recent update of CouchPotato, the API has changed dramatically, forcing me to drop support of the previous version of CP. Before I roll this version out to all nzb360 users, I would like to beta test the new integration of CP.

Please download this ONLY if you run the master branch of CP on github and are having issues with nzb360 currently.

Please use this thread to point out any issues you have with CP and nzb360 with this beta. Once the official version of nzb360 goes live, this version will auto-update back to the normal (non-beta) version of nzb360.

Thank you,
Thanks for your hard work!

I'm getting a FC when viewing movie information from the manage tab. It seems to work Ok from the wanted tab. Anybody else?
I can confirm that the app force closes when clicking on a movie on the manage tab. Other tab works fine. My history seems to be empty too.
Having only just discovered that the app was removed from the Play Store thanks to CP no longer working, what are the odds of another sale, considering there's probably about to be an influx of people discovering the same thing? :)
Thanks for the info, guys. I'll fix those issues. Though, I am not seeing a FC on the manage tab. For anyone who is seeing that and has a remote IP, would you mind PMing me your details so I can debug/fix?

@mxfsh, the next planned sale at the moment is for Black Friday (November-ish). I might have some sales before then, but nothing is planned at the moment.
[quote="Kev"]@mxfsh, the next planned sale at the moment is for Black Friday (November-ish). I might have some sales before then, but nothing is planned at the moment.[/quote]

Boo. :( I'd buy it (again) right now if it were 5 bucks, but that's my limit for impulse buys (or buys that don't need the wife's approval!). Plenty of people have already expressed their disappointment at having to pay for it twice, so I won't flog that particular horse, but it is a pity that the "free" version is so heavily crippled down to being nothing more than a queue viewer.
FC on Manage pane when clicking an item. I noticed it happens quickly after it loads the content.

Also, the History pane is empty while the web interface shows entries there.
I can get in to Couchpotato without error now, but under manage it only shows that last movie that It downloaded, and if you tap on it the program will crash.
New version of the beta at the top of the post. Should fix the FC issues.
The FC is fixed here, but I'm getting a new one.

Open a movie under Manage, click Releases, Click on the actual listed release, force close.