• You can now choose your default Dashboard start tab in Dashboard settings.
  • Dashboard -> Movies now includes recommended movies from Radarr.
  • Dashboard -> TV Shows Airing Next list will now show all episodes when tapping on the Airing Next header.
  • Added confirmation dialog to the "Remove all finished torrents button."
  • Improved Dashboard request efficiency.
  • Dashboard is now enabled by default.
  • Updated several libraries.
  • Fixed issue when trying to add some movies to the nightly versions of Radarr in Dashboard.
  • Fixed issue where long titles in Sonarr's season detail view would cover the season list.
It still doesn't remember where you were when you switch between apps. I'm back on 14.0.3, this one works fine.
You need a log or something?
Hmm? Not sure I understand what you're referring to.
I disabled and enabled the dashboard and now it's working correctly 🤔 strange
I was thinking of erecting a virtual statue in your name Kevin.
Haha, good reviews and kind words are the only statues I care about =)