It's here! I am super excited to finally release v14 to everyone, which includes the new Dashboard section that is designed to merge together the whole app experience into one section and open up new functionality for nzb360. The app has long felt to me like 12 different apps that have been glued together into one, and my goal with v14 is to try and seamlessly blend the services together behind the scenes to just give you what you're looking for, without having to worry about which service it comes from.

Note, I am also planning on expanding my integration with Trakt.tv, TMDB, and others (which v14 has already started), so stay tuned on that!

As always, I would LOVE to hear your feedback on v14, the new Dashboard, and which new content/dashboards you're interested in. Want to give a huge thanks to all of the Alpha/Beta testers of v14. You guys rock!

Enjoy v14 =)

  • All new Dashboard! A completely new section that aims to combine all of your services into one quick and easy view to discover new content, see what's coming soon, check server health, and much more! This is just getting started. Can't wait for your feedback!
  • Dashboard -> Movies! You can now view the most popular movies being watched, see the latest downloaded movies, view upcoming/popular movies, and more!
  • Dashboard -> TV Shows! You can now view the most popular TV shows being watched, see the upcoming airing episodes, view trending new shows, and more!
  • Dashboard -> 360 Calendar! You can now view all of the releases across Sonarr/Radarr within the universal calendar view. (Android 8+ required)
  • Dashboard -> Server Health! You can now see your total downloaded amount across all download services, view available disk space on your server, and be alerted of any issues from Sonarr/Radarr.
  • You can now quickly delete all finished Torrents via the 3-dot (more) menu.
  • Re-wrote Sonarr connection engine to support huge libraries (tested to up to 6,000 shows) and also improved loading performance.
  • You can now press and hold the IMDb button in Dashboard/Radarr to jump right to the review section.
  • Upgraded image handling all throughout app to improve performance, caching, and memory handling.
  • Radarr movie detail view now scrolls the entire page, rather than just the info section.
  • Major library updates.
  • Revamped onboarding user flow.
  • Fixed fanart not filling Sonarr cards when fanart is enabled.
  • Updated default omgwtfnzbs URL for Search.
  • Fixed black icon in Retry Download in NZBget/SABnzbd.
  • The Dashboard took a ton of time to plan, develop, and test. It's in beta, and I am sure there are bugs. If you find any or have any new dashboard ideas, please reach out to me via the Send Feedback feature! I hope you enjoy the beginning of v14. Lot's more to come! =)
Thanks for all your hard Kev 👍
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Thanks for the nice update!

some remarks & questions:
- I already used the 'Add to Sonarr' button a couple of times (simple but very handy!), and once in a while the app completely freezes and I need to close it. Afterwards everything works fine.
- When turning my phone to landscape (or to portrait), it jumps back to the movie tab.
- Regarding the tabs at the bottom, when one is slected there is written 'Tap'. I would prefer to give the icon the the same color as the overall page (orange, blue, green or grey)
- How is the 'Recently Downloaded' list populated? I doesn't seem in the correct order for me. Although the movie which was downloaded since I updated this new version is listed first, but the others seems to be in a random order.
- 'Downloading Soon' is just showing 1 movie, but when clicking, it show 4 movies.
- 'Disk Space' is only show the info from Sonarr. Not that important for me, because the space is on the same NAS.
- Is it possible to see the Calendar in a list view for the coming next days/weeks? Do we don't need to select a specific date. Offcourse the calendar view itself is a nice addition and needs to stay.

ps: I didn't knew there was a beta going on, otherwise I gave these kind of comments earlier...