Hey everyone,

I've been hard at work on v14, which aims to try and tie all of the included services in a much cleaner way with the brand new "Dashboard" section.

My goal with the new Dashboard section is to finally really create that "360 view", and merge together the whole app experience into one section. nzb360 has long felt to me like 12 different apps that have been glued together into one. With v14, my goal is to try and seamlessly blend the services together behind the scenes to just give you what you're looking for, without having to worry about which service it comes from.

This beta is feature complete, relatively bug free, and certainly can be used as a daily driver. My main goal with this is to make sure there are no major issues before pushing v14 live to everyone.

Please comments with any issues you've noticed, feedback on the new Dashboard, or anything else that comes to mind about v14. Thank you!
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Sorry i have been MIA for the past few weeks, busy times in my world.
The Dashboard looks great and works very well, I have not had a ton of time to bug-hunt, but I did notice the other day that the "Disk Space" section in mine is empty.

I would venture a bet that it has to do with me using Docker, but I don't know that to be true.
The "Root Folders" sections in both Radarr and Sonarr both show correctly.
Thanks for all you do!
Hey Luis, what shows in the System -> Disk Space section within Sonarr/Radarr?
This is what I have in Sonarr, it's the same on Radarr.
And those aren't showing in the dash? What if you try pulling to refresh?
Alright, so a pull to refresh didn't do it, but like 3 or 4 did (or maybe I'm just impatient and it took a while to populate after the first refresh.) I'm not sure if i have tried to pull to refresh before, but I have checked in every version you posted in pre-alpha, and it never came up. Might be beneficial to force a full refresh when loading, i don't know.

On this note, as you can see my setup provides 3 of the same graphs, would be nice to hide ones we don't need, but you know, minor detail.

Thanks for your help Kev.
I think I fixed your issue, Luis. Update coming :)