• In Torrents, you can now tap and hold the multiselect button while in multiselect mode to quickly select all Torrents within your selected tab.
  • Radarr's movie detail view now includes the full cast list with headshots (Radarr v3 required).
  • Radarr's movie detail view now displays the movie's MPAA rating (PG-13, R, etc).
  • Radarr's movie detail view now shows the release date of digital releases.
  • nzb360 will now incorporate digital release dates in "Missing" and "Soon" calculations within Radarr.
  • You can now sort manually-searched releases in Radarr by Quality Profile.
  • Dark Radarr logo will now be used in Radarr notifications.
  • Fixed issue where Sonarr wouldn't pull fanart or episode lists with certain SSL certs.
  • Fixed issue where actions in SABnzbd history list would be performed on the wrong item.
  • Fixed crashes in SABnzbd history list.
  • Fixed issue where manually-searched subtitles would never finish if Bazarr returns no results.
  • Lots of Radarr code has changed to work with the now stable, v3 version. I highly recommend upgrading to v3 if you haven't yet to maintain the most stability within nzb360.
Hi Kev.

If I use the "Unmonitor All Downloaded Movies" option, the app crashes.

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Sorry about that, will have that fixed in the next release.