Hey all, with the new release of Radarr v3, I wanted to overhaul a lot of the underlying logic to enable some new features within Radarr that v3 brings.

Lots of Radarr code changed in this release, and would love users of BOTH Radarr v2 and v3 to test to make sure things are nice and smooth here.

Here is the current changelog:

  • Radarr's movie detail view now includes the full cast list with headshots (Radarr v3 required).
  • Radarr's movie detail view now displays the movie's MPAA rating (PG-13, R, etc).
  • Radarr's movie detail view now shows the release date of digital releases.
  • nzb360 will now incorporate digital release dates in "Missing" and "Soon" calculations within Radarr.
  • Fixed issue where Sonarr wouldn't pull fanart or episode lists with certain SSL certs.
  • Fixed issue where actions in SABnzbd history list would be performed on the wrong item.
  • Fixed crashes in SABnzbd history list.
Looking forward to hearing your feedback!
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Radarr v0.2 :p

The original v2 is v3

Also im not sure how long you want to keep supporting 0.2 as it isn't on our end, really your choice though as you have to do the api switching & juggle the features for one vs the other

Edit: Any thoughts on switching status based on the queue state + movie status to get the full range of movie status options?
Can't seem to edit a movie or TV show and be able to change the path.

Was this removed, or was it never there?
It was removed recently as it wasn't working properly. I plan to add this back in.