• You can now pull to refresh within a Radarr's movie detail page, causing a full refresh and re-sync of the movie details.
  • Updated Radarr logo to the new v3 design.
  • Notification bell will no longer appear in Sonarr lists if you do not have Sonarr notifications disabled.
  • Sort menu in Sonarr will now hide "Notifications" option if you have Sonarr notifications disabled.
  • Backup filename will now include the year, month, and day in the auto-generated name.
  • SABnzbd's history list will now show 100 items by default.
  • Fixed not being able to scroll up in SABnzbd's history list.
  • Radarr's Manual Search bottom sheet will now respect your device's status bar height correctly.
  • Stability improvements.
Not the place for a bug report but it's a small one.. In sab the retry option is missing when a download failed to unpack.

Thanks again for all the updates 👍