• Added Sorting options to Sonarr, Radarr, Lidarr, SABnzbd, and NZBget! Within each section, you can easily the sort the main lists by various different variables. Note, menu items and/or tabs had to change or get removed to add room for the new sorting menu.
  • Sonarr notifications are now enabled for all series by default (if you've enabled Sonarr notifications). You can choose to disable notifications per series, however.
  • Made NZBget/SABnzbd popup menus smaller by moving less commonly-used actions into their own sub menu.
  • Improved detection of Sonarr v3.
  • Performance improvements in NZBget.
  • Fixed issue where SABnzbd status wouldn't update in the navigation drawer.
  • Fixed "Downloaded" text overlapping season/episode number in Sonarr's upcoming tab if title wraps to two lines.
  • Fixed issue in Sonarr's upcoming tab where item wouldn't show menu button in some cases.
  • Fixed issue where Sonarr wouldn't connect with some redirection logic on servers.
  • Fixed issue where Sonarr's notification switch wasn't displaying the correct state.
  • Fixed issue where SABnzbd would immediately dismiss its item notification in some cases.
  • Fixed issue where progress bar wouldn't draw on first pass in SABnzbd.
Not seeing this release in the Play Store.

Currently have beta 13.8.9.

When trying to click on the 3-dot menu to edit a movie, the app is crashing.

Google is taking a very, very long time to review this update =(

I'll take a look at the crash.
Alrighty, here is v13.9 with the included crash fix. Thanks for reporting that!
(14.08 MiB) Downloaded 49 times
Thanks for nice sort features!