Hey everyone,

Working on a new Sorting feature I plan to bring to most services. Want to get some feedback on the approach so far in Sonarr before I bring this to other services.
  • I removed the explicit refresh button to make way for the new sorting button and also moved the Eye to the left, since they're logically grouped together.
  • Sorting is only applicable to the main (All) list, just like the Eye was.
  • I auto-toggle off the eye if and when it makes sense. I do alert when this happens. Would love feedback on this.
  • I sort of jump between ascending and descending order where it makes sense, but you can always press the same sort option again to toggle between asc/desc.
  • Lots of code has been shuffled to handle on-demand sorting, so if you find any issues, please note them.
As always, really looking forward to hearing your feedback on Sonarr sorting. If all looks good, I will begin working on this approach for other services (Radarr, Lidarr, SAB, NZBget, etc).
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Thanks Kev, downloading now.
I know the eye has been there for a while, but I have never figured out what it supposed to do.

The refresh icon is now gone, but the pull-down to refresh still works, but it always reverts to the ALL tab, no matter what tab you're trying to refresh.

I tend to keep my TV shows and movies in name order, A-Z.
This looks great. at first glance everything looks good to me except that the app crashes every time I try to sort by 'Size on Disk', and, as CBers noted, the app does always revert to the 'ALL' tab when refreshing from any tab. I'll play around with it more and let you know if I notice anything else.

Thanks for all you do.

Also, CBers, the 'eye' icon hides ended shows leaving only actively airing ones on screen, I actually find it very useful.
Thanks, Luis! Are you using Sonarr v3?
Think I fixed that crash. Thank you!
New Beta!
  • Added sorting to Radarr!
  • Changed Eye notification to top bar msg rather than a toast.
  • Fixed Luis' crash.
  • All options in sort now auto-toggle off the eye.
  • The auto-toggling off of the eye is now only temporary and won't save that change if toggled off from the sort options.
  • Refresh of list won't jump to the All tab anymore.
  • Got rid of the "Downloaded" tab in Radarr, since the "Download Date" sort option accomplishes the same thing.
  • Probably more I am forgetting.
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Thanks Kev, downloading now.
Looking good. "Size on Disk" no longer crashes, tabs stay put. I'll keep poking around.

Thanks Kev!