• Completely re-wrote nzb360's Backup/Restore functionality due to Android 11's new Scoped Storage limitations. Backups will no longer be distinct between local and remote. Your original .zip backups will work, but I do recommend creating new ones just to be sure.
  • Changed Radarr menu dialog to small popup menu on main lists. I am trying this out with just Radarr for now. Let me know if you prefer this approach via Send Feedback, and if you do, I'll add this approach to all services.
  • Autocomplete for tags added to Sonarr's Add Show dialog.
  • Adjusted font in Search's filtering pane.
  • The releases bottom drawer will now auto-dismiss when no releases are found in the new Radarr Movie Detail screen.
  • Fixed crashes and other issues with Notifications enabled on Android 5.
Thanks Kev.

Would still like to see the whole page scroll in Radarr than just the bottom half.
Kev - getting an error whenever I try to edit the subtitles for a movie in the app.

I took a screenshot, but if you need anything else, please let me know.

Thanks. Image
What button did you press to get that? Do you have Bazarr enabled?
Kev wrote:
Mon Oct 19, 2020 3:04 pm
What button did you press to get that? Do you have Bazarr enabled?
Open a movie within the app, then the three dots menu, then Edit Subtitles.

Yes, Bazarr is enabled.

Slightly different message in Sonarr when I do the same: "Bazarr encountered an error. Send me a note if this continues to happen".
Just wanted to say thank you from my heart for your app mate.
Dont need to manage Plex from my pc anymore, or at least, most of the times. You saved much of my time and made my life easier.
Keep going and strong!

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