• In Sonarr series' view, you can now see the size on disk for each season.
  • Discover Movies now works with Radarr v3.
  • Significant improvements and optimizations for network performance.
  • Better fit for active torrent text in navigation bar.
  • ruTorrent now supports Digest Authentication again, enabling more support for Seedbox-based ruTorrent servers.
  • Textbox on settings dialogs should now be visible if your font size is set to large.
  • NZBget will now work more reliably when having two NZBget instances across two different servers.
  • Fixed crash when testing NZBget's connection details in settings.
  • Other stability improvements.
Hi Kev.

Slightly different error with NzbGet.

If I am connected to a different server than mine and I click on the "View NzbGet on the web" option, it opens a connection to my server, ignoring the connection details to the 2nd server.

FWIW, I have 7 different users setup in NZB 360, as I oversee all of them.

Good catch. I think I know what's up.
NZBGet hasn't been able to connect in versions 13.8.3 and 13.8.4. It worked fine prior.

I've confirmed I have the right host url and username and password. The link to the web gui works fine. It just shows "Could not connect to NZBGet" inside the app.

Not sure if this matters, but I reverse proxy to my nzbget page. So it's in the format of:
https://[server name]/nzbget

Would you mind sending me your connection details so I can try and debug this?