Note, this release has been set to only go out to 20% of the nzb360 userbase until I can verify the new connection engine for NZBget is working well for everyone. If you would like to test this without being selected in Google Play, you can download manually from this thread. It's the same version as the Play Store, and will auto-update as I make updates to the Play Store version. Please let me know if everything works!

  • Completely rewrote NZBget's connection engine. It's faster, more stable, and supports more modern connection types! If you see any issues with NZBget, please reach out, I'll get them resolved quickly.
  • When adding a show/movie in Sonarr or Radarr, you can now tap and hold on the results to see the full synopsis.
  • Added new post PRO upgrade experience with fancy new animations and a thank you note.
  • Major library jump for dialogs. If you find any issues with any dialogs, please let me know.
  • Performance improvements.
  • Renaming an item in SABnzbd will no longer add encoded characters in the name.
  • Fixed issue where nzb360 would send the wrong SABnzbd API key when switching servers.
  • Fixed issue where Bazarr would duplicate the API key param in requests.
  • Stability improvements.
v13.8.3 Official
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Thanks Kev.

I'll give it a whirl.
Seems to be working OK.

NzbGet is behaving itself and I'm connecting via my nginx reverse proxy.

NzbGet still not showing the download speed when paused, but an item is force downloaded.
OK, I have an issue.

I have multiple servers I look after, but no matter what user's NzbGet instance I connect to, it still displays my one (1st in the list of users).

If I open NzbGet in a browser, (View NzbGet on web), it also opens mine.

Sonarr/Radarr/Lidarr all open the correct user's instance, so just NzbGet.

Ahhh, nice catch! I can certainly see why this would happen. Thanks for the heads up!
@kev - should I roll-back to the stable release, or is a new beta imminent please?

I'll send you one in about 15m.
Kev wrote:
Mon Sep 07, 2020 2:28 pm
I'll send you one in about 15m.
Thanks Kev.
@CBers, here you go. Let me know if this fixes the NZBget multiple server issue.
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