Hey everyone, I've made some significant updates to nzb360's codebase for NZBget, Headphones, and Dialogs that I want to test before sending out to a wide release.

Would love for anyone who'd like to test this to download the beta attached to this post.

Here is the current changelog:

  • Added new post PRO upgrade experience with fancy new animations and a thank you note.
  • Major changes under the hood for Headphones and NZBget. Nothing you'll probably notice (hopefully).
  • Major library jump for dialogs. If you find any issues with any dialogs, please let me know.
  • Renaming an item in SABnzbd will no longer add encoded characters in the name.
  • Fixed issue where nzb360 would send the wrong SABnzbd API key when switching servers.
  • Fixed issue where Bazarr would duplicate the API key param in requests.
  • Stability improvements.
If you use NZBget or Headphones, I would really appreciate any feedback on if this version works without issues for those two services. Also, please make sure all dialogs work properly as well.

You can install this over the play store version and it will retain all settings. Once a new version is added to the Play Store, it will auto overwrite this version as well.

Thanks for your help!
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Hey Kev,

Thanks for the update!

Unfortunately NZBget stopped working: "Could not connect to NZBget.".

It works as usual from the Web Interface.

Won't connect to my NZBget instance either. 😟
Would one of you mind sending me your NZBget connection details so I can debug?
My nzbget server is accessible from LAN or VPN... not sure it would help you much if I would give you its details. But I can send them in a DM in case.
Haha, nah, I don't want to be on your network through a VPN. Btw, I am assuming you're using a self-signed SSL cert?
I use letsencrypt for my ssl certs.

I have now configured the local server via and it works via IP... so I guess the problem is accesing via https and using the FQDN.
Alright, here is a beta 2 that should hopefully fix NZBget. Can you please test and report back?
nzb360 v13.8.3 Beta 2
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Thanks Kev. NZBget via https works fine now.
Things are looking good so far. I'll let you know if i notice anything out of ordinary.
Thanks Kev!