Version 13.8.2
  • IMPR: CC button will no longer appear in Radarr for movies that have no movie file downloaded (matching Bazarr workflow).
  • IMPR: Improved handling of Bazarr subtitle recognition for movies that are downloaded but have no wanted subtitles.
  • IMPR: If you attempt to manually search subtitles when the movie doesn't have any monitored subtitles in Bazarr, nzb360 will now alert you of this.
  • IMPR: Radarr's file row now auto-updates with Bazarr changes.
  • IMPR: Sonarr's path display will now show the end of the path and ellipses the beginning (if needed), instead of the inverse, just like Radarr.
  • FIX: Text color in Search's dialog will no longer render in black on some devices.
  • FIX: Top row buttons will no longer disappear in Radarr when performing a subtitle search.
  • FIX: Stability improvements.
  • NOTE: Thanks for all of the feedback and bug reports with this new Bazarr integration. While it still is in beta, I wish I did better with the last two releases. This one should resolve most of the issues people have reported in the last 48 hours. =)
Let me know what you think of this release! =)