Version 13.3.3
  • NEW: You can now filter by HDR titles in Search's Sexy Movie Layout.
  • IMPR: Various UI updates to Sonarr/Radarr.
  • IMPR: Add movie TextBox in Radarr/CouchPotato will auto clear after adding a movie (but keep the results list), making it easier to add multiple movies at a time.
  • FIX: Fixed pause/resume all Torrents for Deluge 2.x versions.
  • FIX: Fixed issue with filters not applying in search after (some) new results come in.
  • FIX: Fixed issue with Date Added sort not selecting in Torrents.
  • FIX: Fixed error in uploading torrent files for Deluge 2.x versions.
Let me know what you think of this release! =)