Version 13
  • NEW: Material Design 2! Whew, that was a ton of work. nzb360 has been redesigned to give more focus to content in the interface and to make usability on taller phones much easier. This is just the beginning and the interface will continue to evolve as I receive feedback from everyone on this new design! Miss the colors? You can enable theme colors for each service within their respective settings pages.
  • NEW: You can now choose to display service names as their more friendly, or media-type, names. i.e. "Radarr" becomes "Movies" and "Sonarr" becomes "TV Shows." You can enable this in General Settings.
  • NEW: You can now jump to IMDb quickly within the Discover Movies section within Radarr.
  • IMPR: Radar's Wanted tab has been changed to "Missing" and will now respect the Smart Filter (eye) setting for showing/hiding unwanted movies.
  • IMPR: Torrent items will now show their ratio in the main lists for "Seeding" and "Finished" items.
  • IMPR: Moved Indexer Settings outside of "General Settings" to their own area.
  • IMPR: Various performance improvements and optimizations.
  • FIX: Fixed overlapping server text in navigation drawer.
  • FIX: Fixed crashing in Sonarr episode detail view.
  • NOTE: It's gone through many alpha/beta tests, but there still could be some bugs or oddities with this new design. If you encounter any, please let me know! I can't wait to hear your thoughts on the new design!
Let me know what you think of this release! =)
Thanks for the re work of the interface :)