Hey all, I am looking for some feedback on what people think of a redesign of nzb360 I am doing to better match Material Design 2's look and feel. Changing up the interface a bit to feel a bit more modern, cleaner-looking, and slightly more friendly. Don't worry, I won't take any functionality away or lose too much information density. I am huge a fan of clean, but dense, UI.

I've started with redesigning Radarr and would love some feedback on the overall direction. If you currently use Radarr and would like to participate, please mention so in this thread. I'll add you to the BETA forums and you can provide feedback there. Since this is an alpha, things are probably broken everywhere. It's not quite a daily driver just yet. Please only sign up if you want to help shape the design direction of v13 of nzb360.

I'm in Kev.

Anything to help.
I'm in. Would like to contribute to this great app.

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Please count me in

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The 3 of you now have access to the BETA forums, with v13 pre-alpha awaiting your feedback :)
Awesome. I'll check it out and leave you feedback. Thanks for your effort
Cannot see the beta forums on Tapatalk, could you share the link please?

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@CBers, have you checked out v13 yet?
Kev wrote:@CBers, have you checked out v13 yet?
Sorry Kev, I'm away this week, so haven't had time to install anything as yet.

Will be back Sunday and I will update.

Apologies, as I hoped to be more useful.

Can the APK you've published be installed side-by-side, or does it overwrite the official release?
No worries. It does override the official release, but things are pretty stable now. Still quite a few UI bugs, but it's usable :) I've also provided the production APK to reflash if you'd like to go back as well.

Also, if anyone else is interested, please sign up! I'd love your feedback!