Version 12.5
  • NEW: Help Center! Custom setup guides for all services, remote connections, and a general overview of nzb360 can be found in the new Help Center section within Settings. If you have your own tips/tricks that you think could improve this Help Center content, please send them to me!
  • NEW: You can now sort Indexer movie searches by IMDb rating.
  • IMPR: Added confirmation dialog to deleting all episode files for Sonarr.
  • IMPR: Removed leading "0" in Radarr day of month display.
  • IMPR: Increased Lidarr's timeout settings to handle larger libraries.
  • IMPR: NZBget will now show item download percentage (and bar) when an item is queued.
  • FIX: NZBget will no longer miscalculate the bar width when switching to landscape mode.
  • FIX: Fixed retrieval of previous license button padding during scroll of Upgrade to PRO list.
  • FIX: Stability improvements in Sonarr.
  • NOTE: KitKat support had to be dropped due to various upgrades to nzb360's underlying codebase.
Let me know what you think of this release! =)
Thanks for the new release Kev!

Not sure this is the best place for a feature request but anyway: can you please add an extra filter for movies that are NOT monitored/wanted and have no existing download/file. Many times I add a title to watch in the future (like a bookmark) but I do not want to download it automatically. Hope it makes sense.


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Thanks for the documentation, lets hope people read it. I know it's so unreasonable :)

On a new install, does it spring to the front automatically?

Haha, yeah, we'll see if this cuts down on the support requests. I get about 50 of them per day. Here's hoping!

It sort of pops up on install because I take people to the settings screen on first install, and it's in the dead middle of screen. We shall see.
Thanks for sharing such great inputs. Keep sharing!!!