Version 11.1
  • NEW: qBittorrent is now supported within the Torrents service!
  • NEW: You can now add magnet links in Torrents. Tapping on a Magnet link in a web browser will also prompt nzb360 to add it.
  • NEW: You can now sort the torrent list by various attributes. A default sorting method can be chosen in Torrent settings.
  • IMPR: Torrents bottom navigation UI revamped.
  • IMPR: A wider variety of µTorrent versions are now supported.
  • FIX: Transmission will no longer lose connectivity after awhile.
  • FIX: Status bar changed back to shadow instead of color.
  • FIX: Stability improvements for Android v4.x
Let me know what you think of this release! =)
You, my friend, ROCK!

Adding qBT just made nzb360 the all-in-one tool for managing my HTPC library. Keep up the great work!
Thank you! Let me know how I did with qBT. I hadn't even heard of it before 3 days ago :)
Thanks for the continued great work on this, Kev. One of the few apps I've kept on my phone's for years.

Ass-kissing over with, do you have any plans to implement rtorrent? Think it's basically the only big one left. lol

No kidding tho, great work!
Great work, love the app, connected to my qbittorrent server and it's working great.
What's next, searching torrent services?
Haha, probably a nap. I've been working non-stop on nzb360 since the holiday break :(
You my friend are awesome. Take a break. You deserve it.
You're so fast with updates and being responsive. Thanks so much for this addition, it's working great. Good-bye Transdrone!
Kev wrote:Thank you! Let me know how I did with qBT. I hadn't even heard of it before 3 days ago :)
It works great! Only thing missing is assigning category/label to torrents. Not a critical feature for me, so just letting you know :) Another thing that I miss, though, is Cutoff Unmet in Sonarr and Radarr.
makeitwayne wrote:Good-bye Transdrone!
Exactly! :D