Version 11.0
  • NEW: Torrent support! Deluge, Transmission, and µTorrent are all supported within the new "Torrents" service. This was a ton of work, but as these services were the most requested feature for awhile, I am happy to finally release support for them!
  • IMPR: File chooser flow has been replaced with Android's built-in file chooser, allowing you to upload nzbs/torrents from local AND remote sources.
  • IMPR: Radarr's wanted tab will now filter out "released" movies that have no defined physical release date. This can be toggle off in Radarr's settings, however.
  • IMPR: Further improvements to Radarr's Wanted tab sorting.
  • IMPR: About UI updated a bit.
  • FIX: Stability improvements.
  • NOTE: Please note that Torrent support is in beta. If you run into any issues or think new functionality needs to be added, please reach out to me via the Send Feedback feature. I am looking forward in hearing your thoughts!
Let me know what you think of this release! =)

Happy New Year! :)
Torrent support is awesome to hear. I'm crossing my fingers for qBittorrent to be added in the next wave. Great work Kev.
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Thank you. Adding torrent support is a big help. I too am looking forward to qBittorrent support.
Thank you, great new feature! Looking forward for ruTorrent support!
Thanks for this great update!

Deluge is working fine. I also work with labels, don't know if this will be added in the following versions?

A rather practical question: is there a special reason that you grouped the torrent support in one service? Because Sabnznd and Nzbget are separated. Not that I will use 2 different torrent/nzb clients.
I have qBitTorrent installed but NZB 360 won't connect to it.

It seems it's trying to add /gui to the address when using the "View Torrents in the web", so hopefully an easy fix.
qBittorent isn't supported, just uTorrent, Deluge, and Transmission (so far).
Kev wrote:qBittorent isn't supported, just uTorrent, Deluge, and Transmission (so far).
I know, but thought as it was very similar to uTorrent (and BitTorrent), I'd try it, so was just giving some feedback Image

Sorry for jumping the gun Image