• Completely re-wrote nzb360's Backup/Restore functionality due to Android 11's new Scoped Storage limitations. Backups will no longer be distinct between local and remote. Your original .zip backups will work, but I do recommend creating new ones just to be sure.
  • Changed Radarr menu dialog to small popup menu on main lists. I am trying this out with just Radarr for now. Let me know if you prefer this approach via Send Feedback, and if you do, I'll add this approach to all services.
  • Autocomplete for tags added to Sonarr's Add Show dialog.
  • Adjusted font in Search's filtering pane.
  • The releases bottom drawer will now auto-dismiss when no releases are found in the new Radarr Movie Detail screen.
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Kev - getting an error whenever I try to edit the subtitles for a movie in the app.

I took a screenshot, but if you need anything else, please let me know.

Thanks. Image
Kev wrote:
Mon Oct 19, 2020 3:04 pm
What button did you press to get that? Do you have Bazarr enabled?
Open a movie within the app, then the three dots menu, then Edit Subtitles.

Yes, Bazarr is enabled.

Slightly different message in Sonarr when I do the same: "Bazarr encountered an error. Send me a note if this continues to happen".