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Re: Retain search results

Do you mean searching through your nzb or torrent indexer? Or in the Sonarr/Radarr apps?
I would like to see this feature in Sonarr/Radarr: sometimes I want to check things of a series, and afterwards the search process needs to be redone and scrolling back where I left.

SABnzbd sorting

Hi Kev

Is it possible to implement a sort function in SAB? Just like you did for Torrents. In my case, sorting on name is enough, but probably other options are possible: %completed, date added (default now), size


Re: nzb360 v13 Open BETA

Kev, when I sent an item to Sab, the app sends me back to the list of my indexers. A few times the app crashed completely. But the release arrived in Sab. Don't know if anyone else had this issue? About the design: you know I like it, bit as I already reported in the beta topic, the 'pro' label is o...

Re: New Release v12.2

Kev wrote:
Sat Aug 11, 2018 2:33 pm
My sincerest apologies on the instant startup crash. Fix is out, should be on Play Store very shortly.
Thx Kev, it's running fine again.

I alsof noticed the bug in the manual search form Sonarr like bnm mentioned: after searching for an episode, it always returns results for this first ep

Re: New Release v12.2

Thanks for implementing the multi-select option for SABnzbd :) It's working fine, but a small remark: when I hit the multi-select button and I don't select any items, I can still choose 'Resume All', 'Pause, All', 'Delete All', 'Set Category'. Pause & Delete are throwing an error message and Delete ...

Status & size of download queue

In the menu bar, I see the status of sabznbd and how much gb is listed in the queue.
Can you also grab the status of the torrent clients? Eg, when one of the two is downloading, set the status of this service. And count the gb's of all services.
Not a really important feature, but nice to have :-)

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