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Re: Sonarr Sorting Beta

"Notifications are now enabled by default for all Sonarr series."?

What does that mean please?

Do I get a notification when an episode is downloaded etc?

If so, I don't want that.

Checking the settings, it was off for Sonarr, but on for Lidarr.

Re: Sonarr Sorting Beta

I know the eye has been there for a while, but I have never figured out what it supposed to do. The refresh icon is now gone, but the pull-down to refresh still works, but it always reverts to the ALL tab, no matter what tab you're trying to refresh. I tend to keep my TV shows and movies in name ord...

Re: New Release v13.8.9

Hi Kev. A while back, I asked that search results are returnable to after editing an item, but that seems to have disappeared now. For example, I wanted to edit all of the BACK TO THE FUTURE movies, so I entered BACK in the search and they all appeared, but when I opened the movie, made the changes ...

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