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Possible Payment System

Hi Kevin,

Android just launched google pay in Australia. Apparently about 10 lines of code is all it takes to add it inside your App. I wonder if you could use it to charge a small fee again for your app. Its definitely worth it.



Re: Sonarr - > Upcoming

I'd second this. Sonarr keeps looking for better versions of downloads and never seems to untag MONITORING once a show has downloaded (even if it has found the best quality possible). NZB360 appears to use the MONITORING tag to decide if the show is downloaded or not. The result is UPCOMING shows in...

Re: New Release v9.5

Hi. Might be an issue on my end. But if I go to the sick beard part of nzb360 and select any show it won't list any seasons or episodes. [Edit]: Was an issue on my end. A restart and re inputting the user credentials fixed. If you get the time you might want to put a better error message on the even...

Sickbeard - Allow SABNZB+ standard quality settings.

Hi, When setting up a new show in Sickbeard using the 360 you get to define the INITIAL and ARCHIVE quality settings very comprehensively. This works fine for those that need it but could you add a dropdown option to allow the five built in quality options in Sickbeard? ANY, HD, HD720P, HD1080P, SD ...

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