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New Release v14.0.4

New You can now add/edit Tags when adding or editing a movie for Radarr. Improvements Several library updates. Fixes Fixed trending movies in Dashboard not working. Fixed text pushing Bazarr subtitles off the screen in Sonarr manual search view. Stability improvements in Dashboard.

New Release v14.0.3

New Dashboard movies/shows will now list which streaming services/networks they're on. You can now sort the movies/shows in the "View all" grid view by Title, Date, and Rating. Improvements Added support for new Language Profiles in Bazarr v0.9.1+. Note, v0.9.1+ is now required to use within nzb360...

New Release v14.0.2

New Dashboard TMDB + Trakt movie/shows will now display if you already have items in Radarr/Sonarr. Improvements Selected episodes in Sonarr will now auto-uncheck after deletion of episode files. Fixes Fixed issue with adding TV Shows to Sonarr in Dashboard in some instances. Fixed connection issue...

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