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Re: New Release v9.5

Two things, first is in Couchpotato, when I search for releases for a wanted movie and click on one of the results, nzb360 crashes instead of opening the site like it used to. The other issue I'm seeing is it asking me to upgrade again and again each time I open the app. Reinstalling doesn't seem to...

Re: Paypal account terminated. PRO now FREE indefinitely.

Hey Kev, I've seen some app's on the Google Play store that have their app free, and a separate license 'app' that costs $. If the person buys/installs that license app their free app turns into a pro version. Perhaps you could implement something like that, and only host the license on Google Play ...

Re: Mylar Support

I just wanted to chime in here too, I only recently started using Mylar, and adding support for this would be great. That way, NZB360 would cover the bases: Movies: CouchPotato TV: Sonarr / SickBeard Music: Headphones Comics: Mylar E-Books: Nothing worth adding yet Making it probably the most versat...

Re: Homescreen Widget

Another vote here for that.
Calendar view (airing soon), wanted movies, upcoming albums, and some sort of sab info.

Would prefer tabs on the widget to switch between them so it doesn't get to crowded.

Re: New email

Kev wrote:No, it will continue to look at your old address. PM me your old + new address, and I can update your license to reflect the new account.
Thanks, I sent the PM yesterday. Will there be anythign I need to don in the app like click upgrade to pro button again?

New email

Hey, my google play account was based off a Hotmail address, and ive just added a gmail address to that account. As I'm about to format my phone, everything will be using that gmail account to log into google play now (the accounts are linked with my Hotmail). When I redownload this app, will it rec...

Re: [CP] went berserk after update

An update just got pushed and my CP went totally nuts. Downloaded false movies and all. Really weird. NZB360 isn't working either anymore. line 1 column 32 error. I had the same problem. You are running from source (as I am) and basically they completely changed the tables in the database, and it m...

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