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Re: Categories & Shutdown options

fatboi wrote: thanks for the reply, i have not a clue how to capture the shutdown request but i am more than happy to test if guided.
If you can find the theme or button that can perform that action, let me know and I will take a look and see if I can get you the request headers. You're using SAB right ?

Re: Categories & Shutdown options

There isn't an API function for this (aside from shutting down SAB itself). Some SAB themes have a button for this. Maybe if you could capture the request that button makes to the server and post it here (or pastebin if it's big), the developer could implement this. I think those shutdown after comp...

Re: [SB] Unable to change show status

I was able to recreate this. Server logs didn't show any errors. API documentation,, mentions the error "Refusing to change status because it is already marked as DOWNLOADED" So perhaps you can't change episodes when they are downloaded via the API. You'll ...

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