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Re: PRO Features

Purchased ! It's already 50% off and the USD>EUR is in my favor :). Better now than later, and I do need the ability to add content from within the app.

[CP] Manually downloaded movies appear in Available after PP

When I manually download movies (mostly via torrent) and add them to the CP completed folder, CP successfully renames and moves them. When I open NZB360 however, those movies appear in the Available pane and I have to manually remove them. Why they appear there is beyond me. They do NOT show up in t...

Time / date notation

NZB360 shows time and dates in US format: 11/30 - 9:10 PM Since I'm from Europe I would prefer this in EU notation: 30/11 - 21:10 I don't know how NZB360 handles this. Does it look at the language set in the phone ? Or is it hardcoded ? This goes for the history panes of all services and the whole s...

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