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Re: Java Error in 8.1

Kev wrote:However, this usually is the result of one of your movies having no quality data. Scroll through your movie list and see if there are are movies without quality flags. If so, remove them and then re-add them.
This fixed it. Thank you for the help.

Re: Java Error in 8.1

How about a restart in hopes for a automagical fix. And check the logs No automagical fix here. I've rebooted my whole PC about 5 times trying to troubleshoot this. The only error I get in CP is the usual [ couchpotato.core.event] Error in event "scanner.name_year" error that is already fixed if yo...

Re: Java Error in 8.1

That string looks like an API key. Did you accidentally paste it twice? Just a guess. Also try searching for all wanted movies. This fixed errors for me at certain times. I checked all of the API keys that are stored in NZB360 and none match that string. I also tried a full search and it still give...

Java Error in 8.1 [Fixed]

When I try to load my wanted list in CouchPotato I get the error shown in the screenshot and nothing in wanted shows up. I am on Android 4.3 and running CP 2.4.0 (latest windows installer version). I just noticed it today, but I'm not sure how long it's been there. Thanks for the help. Let me know i...

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