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New Release v13

Version 13 NEW: Material Design 2! Whew, that was a ton of work. nzb360 has been redesigned to give more focus to content in the interface and to make usability on taller phones much easier. This is just the beginning and the interface will continue to evolve as I receive feedback from everyone on ...

Re: nzb360 v13 Open BETA

A slow rollout of v13 has begun :)

CBers, that issue is resolved now in this latest slow roll release. You may or may not receive it, it's up to Google now. But I'll do a full rollout this weekend if all signs look good.

Thank you everyone for your testing and feedback! Keep it coming!

Re: nzb360 v13 Open BETA

Thanks Kev. Looks really nice. Only the fonts 😖 i would love it to use the (my) default system fonts. :( Supporting custom fonts makes it quite difficult to design a UI, since I have no idea how it will look on your screen with your chosen font. I use a lot of small text to make the UI dense with i...

Re: nzb360 v13 Open BETA

Thanks Kev. From the private beta forum: "Another nit-pick, but just noticed that the eye and search icons along the bottom bar in both Radarr and Sonarr, are not centred in the (not sure what you call them) touch points". There is a Feature Request for this, but is there any way you could add an o...

Re: nzb360 v13 Open BETA

jbravo2uk wrote:Kev I have what I think is a good idea is there any chance you could make along press on your queue is empty bar to bring up your favourite indexer.

It would make it alot easier to get to and it's easy to touch when useing your phone.
I am not sure I understand your request =(

Re: nzb360 v13 Open BETA

BETA Version 2 - Tweaked SABnzbd styling to match NZBget. (Speed now shows instead of "Downloading" and fixed padding). - Ratio value added in Torrents for "Finished" and "Seeding" items in main lists. - Fixed crashes in Search. - Added Throttle option back in Torrents. - Moved PRO badge back to or...

nzb360 v13 Open BETA

Hello everyone, I am very excited to announce v13 of nzb360 is ready for an open BETA! Over the last 4 weeks, on my paternity leave for my first child, I've spent over 300 hours designing and developing the next major refresh of nzb360. I've received great feedback and help testing through an ALPHA ...

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