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Material Design 2 BETA Signups

Hey all, I am looking for some feedback on what people think of a redesign of nzb360 I am doing to better match Material Design 2's look and feel. Changing up the interface a bit to feel a bit more modern, cleaner-looking, and slightly more friendly. Don't worry, I won't take any functionality away ...

Re: New Release v12.5

Haha, yeah, we'll see if this cuts down on the support requests. I get about 50 of them per day. Here's hoping!

It sort of pops up on install because I take people to the settings screen on first install, and it's in the dead middle of screen. We shall see.

New Release v12.5

Version 12.5 NEW: Help Center! Custom setup guides for all services, remote connections, and a general overview of nzb360 can be found in the new Help Center section within Settings. If you have your own tips/tricks that you think could improve this Help Center content, please send them to me! NEW:...

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