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Re: New Release v13.2

alfablac wrote:Unable to connect on my jackett server. Tried fr IP:Port to IP:Port/UI/Dashboard

I use a Redmi which is based on Android 8.1
That is actually the incorrect URL. Delete that indexer in nzb360 and add a new one, but this time click the Jackett icon for the correct URL.

Re: New Release v13.2

nzb360user wrote:Installed the update and now can't connect to my server. Settings have not changed and my server is up and running. Any ideas?

[Update] switched off WiFi on my phone and nzb360 connected just fine to my server. Issue is on WiFi only.
Which version of Android are you running?

New Release v13.2

Version 13.2 NEW: Jackett support! By popular demand, Jackett is now a supported indexer type. This is currently in beta and may be buggy. Please send me any issues you have with this feature and I'll be sure to enhance this integration over time. IMPR: Proper Android 10 support. IMPR: File sizes w...

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