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Re: Radarr is loading slow

Does the other app load all of the movies at once, or does it paginate them? I first thought it loaded all in once, but I was only looking to the 'soon' & 'announced' tab. When I go to the 'all' tab, I see that it loads it per 25 movies. So it gives the effect that everything is there. Actually the...

Re: uTorrent support

Kev wrote:Yes, it is still something I plan to tackle. Since there are so many torrent clients, I am trying to figure out the right approach.
Nice to hear. Like others already mentioned, there are only 2 or 3 clients which are used a lot I think (deluge, transmission, utorrent ?)

Radarr is loading slow

Some months ago I already mentioned that Radarr is loading very slow ( I think Currently I have 591 movies in Radarr, but I don't think this is the problem. Another app loads Radarr almost instantly. Sonarr doesn't have this issue. SABnzbd, Sona...

Re: Landscape view

f3bruary wrote:I don't see what's wrong. Is it the alignment of the header image ?
Not really, maybe it is because this image is that big, but I'm unable to scroll. So in landscape mode, I can't search a movie or read the plot.
Not a big deal, just wanted to report

Landscape view

Kev, since the relaunch of nzb360, In noticed that when I open a serie or movie in landscape mode, the GUI is totally messed up. Not a big issue, but I just want you to know.

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