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Sickbeard long press search

So with NZBDrone, when you long press the search icon next to an episode, you get a list of available releases. I know this is a function of NZBDrone, but is there a way to pass the episode info from sickbeard to a configured Indexer and display a similar search results list?

Re: Poster Size

Personally I like the look of the Poster view from Yatse better. This is the image from the Yatse play store entry, but it shows how nice and tight it can be... Obviously the text names should be optio...

Re: Material Design.

Yes, it would look really freaking good. Although, with android shifting to a a lighter aesthetic (see the new settings app in "L") Personally I think I would prefer a lighter theme. Although the option for one or the other might be the way to go, as long as it's not a burden on development. In the ...

Material Design.

Let me just say this upfront. I'm not asking for anything, and I sure as hell don't expect to see any changes based on Material design until at least the official release of Android "L", but I am curious Kev, what do you think of it, and do you think you might migrate away from Holo? Thanks for your...

Re: SSH tunneling

I would love to take a look at your config for NginX, I am currently running apache2 and it works well, but with 14.04 on the horizon, i'm planning on a total rebuild of my server, this could save me a LOT of time. :D

Sysload and Saved app states.

While I am in love with nzb360, there are one or two things I would love to see added. First Sysload in the Sabnzbd+ Server info pane would totally make my day. With that said, since its Linux backend only, im not so sure how hard that would be, also while I can find references to it no longer being...

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