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Radarr images don't match movie

My movies have been imported into radarr and everything looks fine in the web browser however in the 360 apps a few movie artwork images don't match the movie. When you tap into a movie the images are fine it's the ones on the main list. I'd there any way to clear the cache and get it to re pull the...

Re: New Release v13.3

Loving the notifications, was looking for this feature the other day.

Any chance in the next release this can be set as default?
Just it would be good for my couch potato downloads to auto notify me.

Thanks again for a brill app

Re: Any log?

yep was couch seemed i'd unticked the box that stops movie searches untill after the release date so it was doing 50+ per hour :)

Re: Any log?

right, that didn't take long . I think i've worked out why, i've gone into my nzb site's profile and theres this... API Hits Today: 1001 / 1000 so it seems i've hit the quota and there blocking access I haven't really used it at all today yet its clocked up this many hits. Is there an issue with the...

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