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Re: Sonarr artwork

I seem to be experiencing the same thing with the artwork in Sonarr. I just get the sonarr placeholder image on all tv show tabs. Just like the other poster this only started about 2 app updates ago. I'm running developer version of 7.0

Re: Sonarr Issues

Thanks for looking into this issue. I have tried to look through the logs from Sonarr to see if I can find any errors which may help you, but nothing is coming up. I have even switched to the Debug logging and still nothing. If you need any other information, please do not hesitate to ask. Thanks ag...

Sonarr Issues

Sonarr has pushed a fix to correct the show times in the calendar (ver Dev build). I asked over at the Sonarr forums if there were any changes to the API, and they have said that nothing has changed except for restoring previous functionality. I know something isn't right, but here's the ...

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