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Re: NZB360 Queued items not sending to Sabnzbd locally or over WAN

Once I select an item for download and even if I long press and select the category the item does not download, it sends it to the queue. When I select the queue and press for download, nothing happens and the file stays in the queue. It used to be either a instant download process or if it goes to...

Re: Unable to download nzb locally

f3bruary wrote:hmm this sounds similar to the issue where a backup can't be restored because of permissions. Could you check if NZB360 has storage permissions ? Settings > apps > nzb360 > permissions.
Yes, that solved the problem, thanks. A marshmallow thing, I guess. ;)

Re: Wake server not working

Kev wrote:You used the broadcast address? Aka, your IP ends in .255?
I guess that was the problem. With other WOL apps I use the server's IP of When I changed it to NZB360 worked.


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