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Re: Adding new show

Yes this feature currently is broke. Please can or be fixed?

If I add a show with 18 seasons and I chose to start from the 18th series it ignores that and monitors all of them, causing sonarr to search for all 18 seasons. Rather than just the 18th.

Re: BlackBerry support for pro

Kev wrote:Keelan, do you have some time today to test?

Hey Kev, so sorry I didn't get back sooner. Loving the nzbdrone support. Still looking for the ability to unlock the pro feature so i can utilise this app completely.

Whenever you have chance let me know.

Thank you again.

Re: Start up service.

Kev wrote:It is actually programmatically more difficult in the settings, because I used Android's PreferencesManager. You declare a static array for those, so it's not easy to amend the options.

No worries, i was just suggesting closing the loop. Should have figured there was a logical reason for it.

Re: Start up service.

f3bruary wrote:Seems a little redundant to me. You set up what you prefer and that's it. How many times do look back at that menu option ?
True but if you have made it so the drop down and back button only shows services you have enabled then you may as well apply this to all aspects.

Start up service.

Not sure if it's a bug or a feature, but maybe try interlocking the start up services with the enabled services (green tick). So that you cannot select services that you do not have setup. Right now I don't have sickbeard enabled yet I still can use it as a start up service.

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