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Re: How to set up with Sonarr?

Okay so that is first job. Sonarr needs to be running on a device on your network, you then will connect to that instance of Sonarr.

Would you be running it on a windows PC or a NAS?

Once that is running you will connect nzb360 to that,

Re: New Release v12.2

Kev, What I would say, is given some of the comments on the Play store, you'd think that the sky had fallen in and magma had covered the planet. Some people really like to throw their teddies out of the pram. For me this is the first time in years I have had issue of this severity, so no harm done. ...

Re: nzb360 Prime Subscription

The biggest problem, is changes to interfaces which are outside of your control, how do you manage that .... ? Without knowing the internal structure of the app, and basically spit balling, could the interface to the various services you link NZB 360 to (e.g. Sonarr, SABNzbd etc), be turned into a ...

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