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Re: nzb360 Prime Subscription

A difficult challenge. For some people who baulk at $10 for a app, the subscription model will be a hard sell, regardless the value/usage of the app. Personally I am happy with the app and there are very few features I actually need, however I accept that to keep the app moving forward and stable re...

Re: Open IMDB app

Interesting one there, maybe make it a configurable option.

One of the problems with the webpage, is on my phone and the previous one, if I wanted to scroll sideways on the cast photo's, it was a very slow process, requiring many many swipes for sometimes very little lateral movement.

Re: The use of develop branches

So to further comment, if you run with 2 docker containers for say for SABnzbd, one is your stable version, however lets say it has an annoying feature that you are waiting for a fix for. Fix arrives, but you don't want to fubar your stable version, so you spin up another docker container, with the ...

The use of develop branches

Hello, So being a bit of an old fart of a developer, I have always been perplexed by peoples need to run "develop" versions of packages, and the issues that they can cause. I am very much of the opinion that system stability super cedes any feature. If there was a bug fix, that was halting a product...

Re: New Forums!

I like the new feel, and it is nice to be able to read the text on my phone without zooming in.

Looks more professional ;)

PS - Could I have a mark topic read option, at the top as well as the bottom of each page.

Re: Multiple versions of application on the same server

I haven't tried, however I assume it will, and I only thought about using that at the end of typing the request. So if we are to use multiple server(s) for multiple docker containers on the same server, could I request a clone server option :) So long press the server name, brings up "Clone option",...

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