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Ability to choose category before sending to SABnzbd

I know i requested this feature a long time ago in the sabnzbd forum, but i would like the ability to choose what category i want before I "Send to Sabnzbd" through the Search. What I would suggest is a drop-down menu right above the "send to sabnzbd" command so that you can choose the category befo...

Swipe/pull down to refresh

I've been noticing lately that some of my often used apps (namely the new Falcon Pro and the latest Chrome Beta) have been updated with a pull down to refresh feature in order to fit with the Lollipop design language. This is one of my favorite features that i've become accustomed to with Lollipop a...

Re: I've already purchased this app and it's asking me to up

Any chance on a discount for purchasers of the Google play version? I totally missed out on the 50% sale, as I didn't know about this whole ordeal until last week. Its fine if you don't have ability to refund users their 3.99, but im assuming that you do have the ability to discount the difference t...

Re: PRO Features

I missed the 50% off sale. Actually, I didn't even notice that NZB360 was taken out of the Play store until my copy stopped working with Couchpotato and i tried updating, which was like a week ago.

Do you think I can still get the discount if was previous purchaser of the GP version?

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