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Re: Problems searching DOGnzb

Can you try the search function with this and just use a 'space'? This way it works with some of my indexers

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EDIT: last update fixed this issue with Spotweb for me....

EDIT2: not entirely. TV》HD works but with Movies 》HD I still have to search for " "


When going into Categories it usually comes up with 'No results found'
It works for instance with TV》HD but not with Movies》HD
But...when going to Search and just type a Space it does work.
So maybe it's just a little glitch that's easy to fix....

Re: Material Design Update

I love it all (new design) but maybe it's already stated (I am too lazy to read all the posts) the red color used in CP is too much for me. Looks like an used for the reall error on the bottom...

Re: OZnzb

I will try...doesn't work with Catlog I think cause all I see is wrong XML. .. any ideas?

Re: OZnzb

Still doesn't work for me. Fresh install, using and the right API key i can see categories, but clicking them (for instance TV>HD) gives a 'Error loading items' error. Sexy movie Layout is turned off and Update Server Info didn't help.

Re: Spotweb indexer

Just a thought..... I installed a fresh copy of Spotweb and still can't find Movies in NZB360 Search (using indexer)....all the others Filters are working okay. When i look in the Spotweb i can find the movies in 'Image' with several subfilters like DivX, WMV, DVD, HD etc. When looking (as stated ab...

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