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Re: LazyLibrarian Support

One thing to consider is that the Lidarr/Radarr devs have started work on Readarr. It's super super alpha right now, but it may make more sense to wait and implement that since it follows the same framework that the other Arrs are. LL is great, and I use it currently as well, so having it as an alt...

Re: Few UI bugs

Thank you for taking care of these and for listening to the community ;)
Also, the way Bazarr was implemented alongside Radarr and Sonarr was a really good one imo. It follows the way bazarr works, which for most of us, is probably more under the radar than anything else.

Few UI bugs

1. There's this weird dark-ish bar at the bottom of the status bar as seen here . The background image is fine, just the dark-ish bar looks out of place. This is, I believe, related to no.2 below cause it seems to be only present on my OnePlus 8 as seen (it's got a holepunch camera) and not on my On...

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